Irvin R. Brookstein (aka) Ray Brookstein, RayRay (poetic moniker) is an American Poet and Author who has distinguished himself on social media for the past four years. His unique style combines Poetry and Politics expressing a strong Patriotic voice and important messaging, about the dynamic, yet divisive, political climate facing our Country. Ray is retired and lives In Miami
Ray’s words create dialogue sorely needed today. Those that know him, love his heart, levity and the passion which he brings to the body politic! His published poetry books include, “Rays of Light II”, “The Trump Chronicle” years 1, 2 and 3.
He was born in New York to Michael “George” Brookstein (deceased) an Army WWII war hero and Ex-POW in Nazi Germany and Estelle Brookstein (age 94), London Born mother of 3, War Bride, who lived through the “Battle of Britain”.
Early Development – Ray grew up during the turbulent 1960’s where he experienced numerous life changing events: Cuban Missile Crisis, Space Race, Man/Flag on the Moon, Kennedy Assassination(s) & MLK, Military Draft, Vietnam War and Protests… Kent State, Democratic National Convention Riots, Chicago 1968.
Highlights – Early life on Long Island, named the top athlete at MacArthur HS ‘70 Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Captain of every team I ever played on.
Education – The University of Pennsylvania, (Penn) ’74, All-Ivy (Twice) ‘73 & ‘74 and All-American Lacrosse Midfield 1974.
Professional Career – Life and Health insurance agent for 37 years, Connecticut General, CIGNA, and Guardian Life, And Independent Sales Agent, Manager and Trainer, trained over 500 agents.
Roots of Writing – Coached recreational and travel Soccer teams for 20 years, coached a Colorado State Champion Youth Lacrosse team. As a youth soccer coach, I started to express thoughts through newsletters written for the children and their parents. Learned to write in such a way that a child could understand.
Poetry laid dormant for many years, through a difficult Marriage, children and surviving Cancer in 1992. Began Writing Poetry since the early 90’s.
Poetic Style – Simplistic and distilled thoughts of the world around me in such a way that the essence could be easily understood. Heartfelt expressions of love, emotions, relationships and world events… Politics, rhyme and rhythmic, lighthearted with some levity and satire with an emphasis on message.
“Don’t hide your light under a bushel.” — Estelle Brookstein