Ray’s poetic style is organized in pace, as he distills thoughts of the world around him, in such a way, that the essence can be easily understood. He combines History Through Poetry. You’ll easily notice his heartfelt expressions of love, emotions, relationships, World events and Politics.

What others are saying about RayRay’s Books! — Ray’s books have received many Five Star Reviews on Amazon! Sit back and enjoy these lighthearted expressions. You will become an instant fan of RayRay. His words are easy to read and ponder.

His poetry combines rhyme with rhythmic lighthearted verse demonstrating levity and sometimes satire, but always with an emphasis on message.

History Through Poetry Vol. IV — aka “The First Term – Through Poetry”, 284 pages!

This Book, the author/poet, Irvin R. Brookstein, has chronicled “History Through Poetry”. Four chapters cover four years from 2016-2020! This energetic project is a unique journalistic accomplishment. His versatile style combines rhythmic verse, with wit, charm and seriousness. The work is easily understood by all age groups. This is a follow up work to his widely acclaimed 3-part trilogy!

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Limited-Edition Numbered 4 Book Set!

“Rays of Light” (was my first book that sold out quickly after it was published!) is a chronological anthology from nearly 30 years of writing. It features 52 poems, accompanied by colorful and imaginative illustrations.

“Rays of Light II” is a resized 6×9, black and white, version of my first book of poems. This exceptional work features a chronological anthology of 52 poems spanning a 30-year period of time. — A great addition to your personal library, at a reduced price.

The First Term Through Poetry
The First Term Through Poetry

This widely acclaimed “Trilogy” poetically tracks the first three years of the Trump Presidency.

The Trump Chronicle Books!

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