1st Year Trump
2nd Year Trump (big)

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The Trump Chronicle: His First Year Through Poetry, was published in January 2018 and features 47 SUPPORTIVE, PATRIOTIC and FERVENT PORTRAYALS chronicling this President’s tumultuous first year in the WHITE HOUSE, from Election Day 2016, progressing through the first year.

— Written by RayRay

The Trump Chronicle: His Second Year Through Poetry, is the continuation of a poetic chronicle of the 2nd Year of the Trump Presidency. This work features 60 Patriotic and Fervent poetic portrayals.
— Written by RayRay
Rays Of Light II (front)
Rays of Light II is a 6×9 black & white version of the Authors first book of poems. This is a chronological anthology of 52 poems spanning a 30 year period.— Written by RayRay.

The Trump Chronicle: His First Year Through Poetry


The Trump Chronicle: His Second Year Through Poetry


Both — The Trump Chronicle: His First and Second Year Through Poetry


Rays of Light II


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